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IONION MX Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier

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HKD 799
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{Upgrade section Negative ion surge 3.6 times

20g extremely lightweight

Continuous generation of 13 million negative ions per second

There are still 690,000 negative ions retained by the moving airflow.

Exclusive patented ion power board

Japanese certification, removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 removal rate of 99.9%

SGS certification, remove deadly pollution poisons, formaldehyde removal rate 94.6%

Air pollution, hay fever, allergies

No ozone, no consumables, ultra-quiet}

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Built-in lithium battery can be charged using USB, which takes about 3 hours to fully charge and can be used for 30 hours.

After wearing the air purifier, the surface of the body is negatively charged; the negative ions emitted by the machine will be charged with positively charged pollen, PM2.5, etc., like an invisible wall blocking the face, let the front The bullets automatically fall down to avoid the discomfort caused by dirty air entering the respiratory tract.

The method of use is very simple. Just turn the lid down and you can turn it on. When you don't use it, remember to push the lid up.

The sling design, carry it with you, can be hung on the neck, around the formalities, quiet design.

Weighing only 20 g, wearing it on the neck is really light and unburdened. If you don't like to be exposed, it is also useful to put it in your clothes.

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