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Vivo X27 Pro V1836A

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HKD 3,599
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HKD 4,699
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Model: V1836A (preloaded with Google service)

Processor: Snapdragon 710 Octa-core

Screen size: 6.7" inch 1080 x 2460 Super AMOLED

Rear camera: 48 MP, 13 MP, 2 MP

Front camera: 32 MP

Size: 165.7 x 74.6 x 9 mm, weight: 200 g

Battery capacity: 4000 mAh

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The X27 Pro went further on the road of exploring the full screen, changing the proportion of the full screen, from the traditional 19.5:9 to 20.5:9, bringing a distinctive "Tarot screen", making the X27 Pro 6.7 inches large At the same time, the screen maintains a comfortable feel of 5.5 inches. Up to 92.12% of the screen ratio, extending the stars like grandeur. Infrared distance sensing devices and light-sensing devices are subtly hidden, so that the surrounding black edges are narrowed again. The video game field is unbounded, and the high-energy experience is refreshing.

The front camera is hidden at the bottom of the screen, achieving a full-screen full screen. The X27 Pro front-facing camera features a double-slide rail lifting structure to avoid swaying and more stable lifting. Add a circle of dust-proof silicone layer to reduce dust from entering the inside of the phone and protect your love machine. Transparent light effect lifting design, the lifting stroke is shortened to 0.62 seconds, self-timer anytime, anywhere, the camera jumps out, the light circle emerges, the sci-fi mystery looks stunned. Lift your phone, you are the super idol that everyone worships.

X27 Pro rear 48 million pixel three camera*, with Sony IMX586 sensor, 1 / 2.0 inch photosensitive element, F / 1.79 large aperture ... professional equipment, with 48 million pixels super high image resolution; Quad Bayer color filter Array technology to achieve professional-level photography skills. The X27 Pro is in the hands of a large-scale, high-definition photo, a close-up of flowers, birds and fish, all at your fingertips.

The powerful performance of the X27 Pro is not only reflected in the hardware, but also in software optimization. The new Multi-Turbo, in addition to the original Game Turbo game exclusive acceleration, new: Net Turbo network acceleration, game delay or poor Wi-Fi quality, you almost no sense to switch to 4G network; Center Turbo processor Acceleration, in the case of crowded background, still ensure that the game's CPU and memory resources are smooth, and the frame rate is improved by 78%; AI Turbo intelligent scheduling and acceleration, so that your common application opening speed is increased by 30~50%; Cooling Turbo cooling Accelerate, achieve effective temperature control, and let the performance of mobile phones continue to play.

Fast reloading game, full screen effect, beauty photo, WeChat video, no longer afraid of mobile phone heating, slow speed. X27 Pro zero-sensitivity water-cooling heat dissipation, using gas-liquid phase heat absorption and heat release principle to achieve rapid heat transfer, achieve better temperature rise control, help CPU junction temperature reduce 3~7 °C, improve CPU life.

The X27 Pro gives you more battery capacity and a better charging experience. Even if you play while playing the game, it is like standby charging. Not only is the temperature rise controllable, the charging speed is still guaranteed, and there is no pressure to charge while playing, giving you an excellent charging experience.

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