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Doki Pal 4G(Support video call)

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Compatible systems: Android 5.0 and above iOS 10 and above

Screen: 1.4 inches AMOLED

Battery performance: about 2 days

Waterproof rating: IP68

Features: 4G network, video call, location tracking and education AI

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DokiPal - 4G LTE 兒童手錶

dokiPal is the essential smartwatch for kids ages 5 and up. It's the smartwatch that kids love and parents trust. dokiPal features video and voice calling, messaging, location tracking, fitness tracking, AI functions, and much more. dokiPal is the perfect solution for kids too young for smartphones!

You can call and communicate with your child anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on a business trip or your kid's at a soccer practice, dokiPal’s patented video calling feature allows you to see and talk to your kids seamlessly through the Doki App.

Emergencies, big or small, can come up at anytime. The SOS button allows kids to send immediate alerts to parents and everyone on their contact list. Once the SOS is activated, your child’s location and a 60-second recording of their surroundings sounds will be sent to you immediately.

dokiPal's built-in GPS smart locator allows you to conveniently track your child’s location with the Doki App, giving you the peace of mind you need as a parent, and your kids the freedom to grow, explore, and learn on their own.

Messaging makes staying in touch fun. Check up on your kids by sending them a text, voice message, emoji, or picture. Kids can reply back with the same. They can even send photos and videos clips that they’ve taken from dokiPal to show you highlights from their day!

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