Warranty Terms

Import products sold in Citylink. The maintenance and repair services are provided by Cityone Care repair Center, during the warranty period customer can enjoy free warranty service provided by Cityone Care repair center. All free repair services are subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. For repair Service, you must present a valid original proof of purchase to receive free repair service.

  2. please back up your data before servicing, and all data on the product will be deleted during maintenance. Cityone Care Repair Center assumes no liability or compensation for any loss, damage, deletion or inability to access any data stored on the product.

  3. during the maintenance period, no data will be kept for the guests and shall not be liable for any problems caused by improper use of other content or other third party content.

  4. cityone Care Repair Center reserves the right to charge the guest with inspection fees, labor costs, spare parts fees or refusal to provide maintenance services if any of the following conditions are deemed to violate the terms of service and to cancel the maintenance service in real time:

    • product serial number, accessory date code,imei number, water pointer or maintenance sticker have been removed, erased, defaced, modified or illegible.
    • the product is locked or not functioning due to its own password or security settings.
    • Improper use or human damage.
    • repair, adjustment, alteration and retrofitting or welding by non-authorised persons.
    • fluid damage, appearance damage, screen breakage, overheating, fire, or any accidental damage.
    • The customer updates the non-licensed software version on its own.

  5. for products with the above failures after inspection and maintenance of the quotation, such as user request return product,Cityone Care Repair Center does not guarantee to restore the original fault condition before maintenance (including the appearance, function and the initial degree of failure).

  6. in the repair or replacement of products,Cityone Care Repair Center reserves the right to use new or repaired parts or replacement of similar products, the repair center may use the repaired products or other functions similar to the normal operation of the product replacement.
  7. all replacement phones, parts and components will be owned by Cityone Care repair Center.

  8. For any repair and inspection products, the customer does not get back within 60 days after receiving the notice of the center,cityone Care Repair Center has the right to dispose of the goods without any prior notice, and does not accept any claim.

  9. when returning any repair items, the customer must present the original repair work order, and if the original repair work order cannot be presented,Cityone Care Repair Center shall have the right to refuse to return the repair.

  10. customer's personal data or for Cityone Care repair center in future customer satisfaction survey, and will not be disclosed to the public or to any unauthorized person.

*The Center reserves the right to revise the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

Agent products are provided by brand agents, details can be found on the brand Web page Inquiry