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Marshall Acton II 行貨

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Size: 260 x 160 x 150mm

Weight: 2.85kg

‧Bluetooth 5.0

‧Line-in 3.5mm port

‧Two 15W class D amplifiers, one 30W class D amplifier

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The ACTON II is equipped with three Class D amplifiers that support dual tweeters and woofer. The wooden speaker construction provides saturated natural sound, and the bass reflex system's opening enhances low frequency transmission efficiency.


Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to enjoy moving at home while listening to music freely, and can play wirelessly within 10 meters.


Marshall classic design, wooden box with lychee leather outer box, iron woven mesh and handwritten logo, the front of the copper panel engraved with the glory of the founding year 1962, tribute to Marshall over 50 years of rock legend

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