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ATTIENNO Sterilizer Box 10W Wireless Charging 香港行貨 White

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-Three gears to choose from 300 seconds, 600 seconds, 900 seconds. Countdown timer will be displayed, and there will be a sound prompt after disinfection, easy operation

-Items recommended for disinfection: mobile phones, earphones, glasses, keys, watches, wallets, banknotes, jewelry, currency, etc...

-Synchronous wireless fast charging and disinfection of other equipment

-The product adopts magnetic Hall switch design

-Adopt high-power bidirectional LED UVC lamp beads

-Built-in mirror refraction design to strengthen the sterilization function

-It can work normally when the lid is closed, and the UV-C germicidal lamp cannot be activated when the lid is opened, so as not to accidentally hurt the eyes

• Capacity: suitable for mobile phones below 7 inches

• Contents: 204 x 100 x 29mm

• Disinfection power: 5W

• Wireless charging power: 5W / 7.5W / 10W

• Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm

• Weight: 395g

• Model: AUVC-SB

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The lid can work only when it is closed. When it is opened, the ultraviolet light will stop to avoid accidental injury to the eyes.

Wireless charging and disinfection of other equipment can be performed simultaneously.

The disinfection function is divided into three-level design.

Use high-power two-way LED UVC ultraviolet lamp beads.

Adopt magnetic Hall switch design.

Fast wireless charging + UVC disinfection.

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