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HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G 香港行貨

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HKD 5,799
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Model: HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G

Processor: Kirin 990 5G Octa-core

5G NR FDD: n1/3/28A

5G NR TDD: n38/41/77/78/79

Screen size: 10.8" 2560 × 1600

Rear camera: 13 MP

Front camera: 8 MP

Size: 246 x 159 x 7.99 mm, weight: 492 g

Battery capacity: 7250 mAh

Internal Memory :
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About 492g thin and light body, easy to get started, easy to carry, full of light and graceful beauty. Integrated warm body, invisible antenna design, pure and simple.

Huawei's first flagship 5G SoC chip, 7nm+EUV process, integrated the 5G Modem into the SoC for the first time. It integrates about 10.3 billion transistors, such as hair painting, and miracles. At the same time support NSA/SA 5G dual mode, based on the present, echoing the future.

You can play on HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G anytime, anywhere, get rid of time and device restrictions, and no longer rely on high-configuration computers and host hardware devices. Thanks to the ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency brought by 5G, hundreds of heavy-duty games run freely in the cloud, and can be displayed smoothly on the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G and up to 1080P. At the same time, there are more exclusive VIP channels to enter the game more quickly, and all experiences are flowing.

Huawei's first positive wireless reverse charging tablet computer supports 27 W wireless forward charging and a maximum of 7.5 W wireless reverse charging. It can wirelessly charge many types of devices such as mobile phones and earphones, and become an electricity savior at any time. 7250 mAh large-capacity battery, standard 40 W wired Huawei super fast charge, charging for 30 minutes, easy to use for 3 hours, and fast. Fully charged in 1.7 hours, easy work for 10.5 hours, and worry-free working day.

Mobile phone tablet dual-screen interactive collaboration has never been seen before. After the connection between the mobile phone and the tablet is established, the mobile phone "splits" to the tablet, and the mobile phone interface can be operated on the tablet, such as answering phone calls and sending and receiving short messages. Picture files are dragged and transferred to each other in two directions. The new shared clipboard supports copying and pasting text across applications. The keyboard turns into a mobile assistant, and editing is more efficient. The advantages of the two devices are complementary, seamless interaction, natural and smooth.

The parallel horizon has been renewed, and the number of supported applications has exceeded 3000+. When using horizontal screen, the screen can be divided into two, one application can open two task interfaces at the same time, and the ratio of the left and right windows can be adjusted without interfering with each other. When you swipe the news, you can view the high-definition pictures simultaneously. New full-screen experience function is added, videos, pictures, and e-books in some applications can be displayed in full screen, and the full-screen experience in split screen is up to you.

HUAWEI M-Pencil24, a comprehensive freshman. The six-sided integrated design is novel and unique. Writing is as natural as walking on a pencil. Graffiti drawing, document processing, class notes, meeting minutes, as fast as you can, hand to word.

Selected composite material nib, non-slip writing, durable and wear-resistant. The delay is as low as 20 ms, and the handwriting will arrive as soon as the pen tip moves. 4096 level 26 pressure sensitive, accurate sensing, line thickness is up to you. Write on the side, tilt the stroke to draw shadows, and easily portray portraits or sketches.

HUAWEI M-Pencil is lightly attached to the top of the fuselage, actively magnetically matched, and synchronized wireless charging. Quickly charge for 30 seconds, easily write for 10 minutes, let go for a while when busy, and calm down to continue. Fully charged in about 1 hour, easy to write for 10 hours, recharge and recharge during lunch break, worry-free one day.

Huawei memo, screen shorthand, easy to capture instant inspiration. When the screen is off, the pen tip taps the screen to wake up instantly and directly enter the memo. Inspiration for notes, drawings, sketches, a variety of brushes and colors, rich choices, colorful expressions. A new lasso function is added to the memo to help you easily move, copy, and paste content in batches; interactive notes are versatile.

In the WPS presentation, you can directly add voice notes. The intelligent landscaping of slides and the powerful mind map plugin make the office more efficient and simple. Add smart portrait cutout, with the help of Huawei HiAi ability, to achieve easy sketch drawing of portraits with brushes. 260g thin and light intelligent magnetic keyboard, double angle support, flexible switching.

Histen 6.0 multi-channel 3D stereo sound, four-channel and four-speaker audio system, create a full, clear and deep surround sound flow. Harman Kardon tunes and takes every audio detail seriously, delicate and realistic. Five microphones in a circle, 360° denoising, and accurate radio.

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