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HUAWEI MatePad 10.8" WiFi Tablet

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HKD 2,999
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Model: SCMR-W09

Micro SD : Up to 512GB

Processor: Kirin 990 Octa-core

Screen size: 10.8" 2560 × 1600

Rear camera: 13 MP

Front camera: 8 MP

Size: 257 × 170 × 7.2 mm, weight: 500 g

Battery capacity: 7500 mAh

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Kirin 990 flagship chip, 7-nanometer process technology, small size, high energy. Three-level energy efficiency architecture with 8-core CPU, performance and energy efficiency are improved. Huawei's self-developed large-core + micro-core architecture NPU, intelligently allocates computing power, and AI brainpower has evolved. The 16-core Mali-G76 GPU, combined with GPU Turbo 3.0, greatly increases the graphics processing speed.

HUAWEI MatePad 10.8 supports Wi-Fi 6+, with strong signal, wide coverage and high penetration. Use with Wi-Fi 6+ routers, get close and fast; get far away, and the signal can be received well through the wall.

The high-definition sharp 2K screen, 16:10 aspect ratio, lifelike picture quality, comfortable and natural picture, creates an outstanding movie-watching experience and immerses you.

Four large-amplitude speakers continuously output clanging sound waves to ignite the scene for you. The four-channel sound system creates a 3D stereo sound effect, enveloping you from all directions.

Harman Karton tunes, takes every audio detail seriously, so delicate to unexpected. HUAWEI Histen 6.1 adopts hierarchical parameter tuning technology to achieve high quality from low volume to high volume, fully restoring the clarity and texture of the sound, fresh and immersive.

This stylus is super handy for graffiti drawing, and it feels like a pencil when writing. Class notes, hand-drawn pictures, fast or slow, as natural as a pencil wandering on paper. Selected composite material nibs, durable and wear-resistant, writing does not slip.

The new smart magnetic keyboard is as light as 345 grams, which is light and portable. The typing feel is comparable to a notebook computer, with clear rebound and comfortable feel.

With multi-screen collaboration, you can "clone" your phone to a tablet, and operate the phone interface on the tablet to enjoy the rich application ecology of the phone.

Huawei Changlian provides a smooth video call experience, supports 1080P high-definition picture quality display, even if the network signal is weak, the picture quality is clear.

Innovative interactive notes, multiple smart gesture recognition, flexible editing, smart typesetting, restore real writing habits. Many humanized skills are on the battlefield, typos? Change in one stroke. Want to wrap? A sum in place.

When the screen is off, tap the screen with the pen tip to wake up instantly and enter the Huawei memo directly.

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