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Google Chromecast Ultra Streaming Device

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HKD 689
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HKD 898
Features :

Size: 58.20 diameter

Resolution:up to 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range (HDR)

Ports & Connectors : HDMI plugs directly into the TV, Ethernet port on the power adapter for hard-to-reach Wi-Fi spots in your home, Micro-USB for power and data

Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) 1x2 MISO Wi-Fi

Support Android‧iOS‧Mac‧Windows

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Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable 4k video with minimal buffering and smooth streaming.

With Chromecast Ultra, your device is the remote. It’s easy to control the TV from anywhere in your home.

Whether your TV is 4K or HD, Chromecast Ultra packs a faster CPU and automatically optimizes content for the best picture quality possible.

Your shows play faster, smoother and more reliably. Even if your Wi-Fi network isn’t ready for the demands of 4K, Chromecast Ultra comes with an Ethernet adapter so you can enjoy smooth streaming over a wired connection.

Showcase your Google Photos albums, see the weather, time and more on your TV with Ambient Mode on Chromecast.

Pair Chromecast Ultra with any Google Home device, and stream entertainment just by asking.

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