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【In stock】AIR Enjoy Fresh Wearable Air Purifier White

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Model: BY7078

Comes with Necklace, Micro-USB cable

Micro-USB charging

Output: 25 million / cubic centimeter

Standby time: about 35 hours

Size: 25 x 25 x 58 (mm)

Weight: approx. 30 g

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Do you know? What are the factors that endanger our physical and mental health in our comfortable home? Formaldehyde (floor, wooden furniture), second-hand smoke, bleach (bathroom), bacteria (carpet), benzene (paint), static electricity (household appliances)

Utilize the built-in carbon fiber brush system to release negative ions into the air. The released negative ions attach to air molecules and unclean particles in the air, so that the particles with negative charges and negative charges repel each other and fly away from your breathing space. And be attracted by the close surface with positive charge, the formation of large particles is settled to the ground by gravity, to avoid entering your respiratory system.

Using intelligent mute technology, only 5db volume during operation, take care of your breathing anytime, anywhere.

Mini body, easy to carry, millions of negative ions, refusing smog, formaldehyde, PM2.5, high efficiency and energy saving standby for about 35 hours.

Reject mediocrity, breathe pure and close, suitable for children, elders, pregnant women and people who are allergic to pollen

Necklace-like design is stylish and lightweight, so you can take care of your breath anytime, anywhere. Simple shape, decoration hanging on the chest.

Purification effect, experimental steps.

Bottom switch, MicroUSB charging socket.

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