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AURABEAT AG+ CSP-X1 Portable Silver Anion Air Purifier - Authorized Product

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HKD 980
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Features :

• Seat design

• Suitable for office workbench / car use / home use


• Special effect silver ion technology | negative ion | activated carbon disinfection

• Triple purification to eliminate various types of human coronavirus and other viral and bacterial suspended particles

• Scientific research shows that special silver ions can eliminate more than 99% of human coronaviruses

(Calculated by mathematics from the experimental results of the Microchem Biochemical Laboratory in the United States)


• Special effect silver ion air filtration technology

• Silver ion is known as the virus nemesis and has been widely used in medicine. Aurabeat silver ion technology activates the silver ion to eliminate the human coronavirus in the shortest time.


Effectively degrade and destroy viruses

Suppress virus activity and infectivity

Destroy virus DNA and RNA

Prevent viruses from attaching to and invading cells

Inhibit virus replication

Silver ion destroys the virus

Negative ion sterilization and purification

PM2.5 particle purification

Formaldehyde purification

Toluene purification

TVOC purification

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