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INFINITY A3000 ion Air Purifier 香港行貨 White

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HKD 349
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The industry's strongest 360-degree omnidirectional protection, 10m loop-back three-dimensional purification

Continuously produce 30 million oxygen negative ions per second (maintain more than 10 million within 1 square meter)

Research and development by sports and air engineers and other expert teams

Exclusive negative ion vortex jet technology can create an ion barrier, which can prevent pollen, fine suspended particles and harmful substances from approaching the body surface

The effective coverage is 10 meters. Suitable for use in smaller spaces, such as in a car, home or office

Filter and purify the air to prevent the infection of bacteria

For removing dust particles, pollen, smoke odor, PM2.5

Relieve the nasal allergy and discomfort caused by space stuffiness

High-performance 3-layer filter with a filtering function of more than 97.97%

USB power supply, easy to use

This product is protected by an exclusive patent, ultra-quiet design, operating volume is about 50db

Energy-saving and energy-saving design, consumes only 1w

Comply with US FCC, EU CE RoHS safety regulations and pass certification

Model: IN-A3000

Anion release: 3,000,000pcs / cm3

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Small air purifier specially designed for office and home / car.

The negative ion generator does not need to replace the filter screen, and can continue to play a role, making the replacement of the filter screen a past era, saving thousands of dollars every year.

Up to 30 million negative ion purification capacity, 10 meters loop three-dimensional purification.

Six types of environments are easy to use

Available in 3 colors

Compare the size with the iPhone.

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