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【In stock】IONION Premium negative Ion Portable Air Purifier 香港行貨 Black

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IONION Premium continuously produces 750,000 oxygen negative ions per second, 60,000 more than IONION MX

Can hang on the neck / shirt

The world's lightest and smallest PM2.5 ultra-lightweight portable air purifier

Only 20g, extremely lightweight, no burden to wear

Removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 removal rate 99.9%

Removal of deadly pollution poisons and formaldehyde removal rate 94.6%

Fully charged for 30 hours

Exclusively developed ion power introduction plate to accelerate the fall of pollutants and breathe easily in the nostrils

Zero electromagnetic wave, zero ozone, zero noise

It is suitable for people with hay fever, asthmatics, passive smokers aversion, long-term passengers, people who often suffer from insomnia, people who are prone to anxiety, people who use 3C for a long time, people who fly or fly by Shinkansen

Obtain the highest level of ion generation (level 5) honor recognition

Japan, SGS certification

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IONION Premium continuously produces 750,000 oxygen negative ions per second, which is 60,000 more than IONION MX.

Ion barrier function, the negatively charged floating material becomes heavier and falls, and it is not easy to be inhaled by the nostril.

The amount of negative ions generated is 750,000/cm3 without ozone.

Certified by Japan Functional Ion Association.

PM2.5 removal power is 99.9%.

Ultra-lightweight with a weight of only 20g.

With buckle.

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