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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter (Antibacterial) Purple

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HKD 189
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Suitable for: Xiaomi Air Purifier 3, Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S, Mijia Air Purifier Pro Universal

Antibacterial rate is over 99%

Filter PM2.5 fine particles

Activated carbon effectively adsorbs formaldehyde

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Pet odors and hairs cause allergies, which may lead to medical treatment
Mold spores grow in damp areas of the house (such as bathrooms) and can cause lung infections
Dust mites that breed in your house dust can cause allergies
Certain cooking odors that are difficult to eliminate can be very uncomfortable and make it difficult to breathe
Inhalation of cigarette smoke can cause lung cancer among non-smokers.

Mi Air Purifier's new antibacterial filter can eliminate those nasty allergens in your home and prevent you from getting sick.

The antibacterial version of the filter element of the Xiaomi air purifier is provided with a coating of plant ingredients, and the waiver period is up to 1 year. Don't worry about the failure of antibacterial function due to a certain period of time.

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